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Resolving your complaints
The Consumer Affairs Regulation (approved by TRA Board on June 19th, 2009) guarantees consumers’ rights protection towards their telecommunications Service Provider and sets out a clear procedure on how to submit complaints to Service Providers and the TRA. This Regulation will become binding further to the State of Council’s review and once published in the Official Gazette.

If you have a complaint relating to any of the below (but not restricted to):
  • Invading confidentiality
  • False or no price announcements of Value Added Services
  • Breaking the terms of services
  • Bad Quality of Service
  • False billing
  • Delays
You should first send your complaint by a written communication, and if possible an electronic communication, to your Service Provider while keeping a copy of it. You should be acknowledged of receipt by your Service Provider of your complaint within 10 days. In case you have not received any response, contact your Service Provider by phone, and enquire about the status of your complaint. Make sure you write down who you talked to and when/what time you contacted her/him.

If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, or you get no response regarding the status of the complaint within 20 days from the date of its filing with the Service Provider, you can file your complaint with the TRA by contacting the Consumer Protection Directorate (CPD) at 1739 at the Ministry of Economy and Trade or by email at This hotline within CPD handles all consumers complaints including telecom ones. The TRA and the MoET have joined their efforts by signing an MoU to share this hotline as a first step to better serve telecom consumers.

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