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This section includes a list of studies drafted by the TRA that have assisted in clarifying the TRA’s vision on different topics and/or were used as pillars in building the regulatory framework.

As the TRA is fully committed to transparency with its stakeholders, it publishes its studies to explain the authority’s work in detail and provides access to the full texts of current and completed documents.

Prepaid Offers detailed analysis
With the aim of informing telecom consumers and stakeholders and maintaining transparency, the TRA published a detailed study about the New Prepaid Offers prepared by the Market and Competition Unit.

The study relates the history of mobile tariff changes and gives an overview and a comparison of available prepaid offers. It also presents the outcome of a detailed test report that has been conducted to validate and check the terms and conditions, tariffs and user friendliness of the new prepaid offers .

The study concludes with recommendations for an increase in mobile penetration stating that operators should review the new prepaid offers, the old services, the communication plan and distribution channels and fix some technical implementation issues to ensure that new offers become attractive and simple to use.

To read the study in full click here

Retail price benchmark for Arab Mediterranean countries
The TRA has conducted a Price Benchmark Analysis in 2010 on Arab Mediterranean Countries which provides information regarding internet prices and bandwidth for the region and compares Lebanon to other countries in this region.

To view the study click here

Collect Call Study
In its prerogative in protecting consumers and ensuring that the Telecoms market delivers state-of-the-art services at affordable prices to the broadest spectrum of the Lebanese population, the TRA has drafted a document which addresses, at a high level, the technical and operational issues related to the introduction and implementation of the collect call (reverse charge call) service nationally within Lebanon among the different operators. more

Broadcasting technical problems and suggested solutions
This article addresses the current status of the radio broadcasting sector and provides an overview of the most important stages it went through in Lebanon. It also reviews the laws that regulate radio broadcasting especially the media and the telecommunications Law. The study exposes the plan for radio and television frequencies while addressing coverage and interference problems as well as the relation with the International Telecommunication Union. It also refers to the electromagnetic radiations issue and its dangerous impact on the safety of public health, and highlights the broadcasting technological developments and the transition to digital transmission. Finally, this document presents the suggested solutions to halt the radio broadcasting problems and develop the sector in Lebanon.

To view the article click here

Intellectual property rights and the status of TV channels networks
This document tackles the intellectual property rights issue and the status of the TV channels distribution networks. Dr. Imad Hoballah exposes in this article the types of infringements to the intellectual property rights as well as their drawbacks. He also enumerates the sectors that are affected by these violations and explains the role of the Government and the Regulatory Authorities in that matter. He reviews the current legislative aspect of the intellectual property crimes and the number of international agreements and treaties related to this subject. Finally, this document reveals the current status of the fight against the intellectual property rights violation and proposes several legal measures to be undertaken to limit these violations.

To view the document click here

TV Technological development
This article tackles the TV broadcasting technological development and explains the role of the Information Technology and modern communications in the development of media platforms. It also chronicles the evolution of the media platforms and presents the television broadcasting models in the digital communications and broadcasting systems. Finally this document presents the technical specifications that are adopted and highlights the importance of the cooperation between the telecommunications, the information and the media sectors.

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The transfer to digital TV
This article highlights the importance of the transition to digital TV broadcasting in the development and improvement of the quality of service. It explains the digital revolution and the challenges hindering the completion of the transition to digital TV broadcasting while mentioning the negative repercussions on Lebanon in case this transition doesn’t take place. The article shows the common aspects between media law 94/284 and telecommunications law 431/2002 and reveals the new frequency regulation plan also known as the 2006 Geneva Pact .

Finally this document refers to the role of the Lebanese government and the need to strengthen the cooperation among all the Lebanese governmental entities and concerned ministries to complete this transition.

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