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Legal framework

The TRA’s mandate and activities are carried out in accordance with official laws and decrees. To learn more about the legal framework under which the TRA operates, please click on the following links.

Telecom Law 431 / 2002
Law 431, or the Telecommunications Law as it is often referred to, was issued in 2002 to provide the framework for governing the organization of the telecommunications services sector and to set the rules for its transfer to the private sector.
To read Law 431 in full, click here (PDF, HTML).

Decree appointing TRA board
Decree No. 1 appointing the TRA Board was issued in February 2007 and formed the official announcement of the members of the TRA Board, the date of commencement of their work and the length of term of office.
To read Decree No. 1 in full, click here.

Administrative & financial regulations
Decree 14264 was issued in 2005 and specifies the administrative and financial regulations according to which the TRA should be managed.
To read the Administrative & Financial Regulations in full, click here.

Financial procedures of the TRA
To read the Financial procedures of the TRA, click here.

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