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RTTE technical specifications
Type approval specifications are used for the approval of Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (RTTE) intended to be imported into or manufactured in Lebanon. Type approval specifications will be used as the technical basis for proof of compliance by RTTE with the essential requirements specified by the TRA. On this page you will find information on specifications and requirements that apply to RTTE.

The following is a Zipped file that contains the technical standards accepted for the RTTEs in Lebanon. To use this file you have to:
  • Download the following Zipped File (3.75 MB)
    RTTE Technical Specifications
  • As this file contains linked word files, you should unzip it (instead of just double click to view the files), to a dedicated folder at your pc or desktop.
  • Open the file called “Technical Specs.doc” that contains the list of classes and equipments type and a link to their technical standards.
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