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QoS Measurement Solution
In order to maintain the reasonable level of quality of service delivered to customers and to insure the compliance of Service Providers with mandatory QoS and key performance indicators (KPIs) requirements as indicated in the "QoS Regulation", the TRA will monitor regularly and measure the technical KPI’s of the different telecom services provided in the Lebanese Market.

The QoS measurement and monitoring system will be used for measuring the performance of telecommunications and data networks, and for the traffic analysis and the reporting of key performance indicators on fixed-line, wireless and data networks.

The System will support data from Mobile and Fixed and Data Networks with the ability to manage data from multi-vendor and multi technology networks and should enable the calculation and publishing of pre-define sets of KPIs based on the raw data collected from different operator networks elements. Such data will be transferred on a monthly basis on a DVD or a dedicated FTP node for the TRA purpose. The system should also allow the integration of online measurements of the QoS indicators related to the Internet connection services (ADSL and Dial-up)

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