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SMMS Questions and Answers
Q1: What is the Spectrum Management and Measurement System (SMMS)?

Q2: What does the SMMS consist of?

Q3: What is the role of SMMS?

Q4: Why does the Authority need the SMMS?

Q5: Is there a similar system in Lebanon?

Q6: Who finances the SMMS?

Q7: Can the SMMS be used for other purposes than intended, such as for intercepting or eavesdropping?

Q8: Who will operate the SMMS?

Q9: What are the security measures that can be taken to implement the SMMS or other similar systems?

Q10: Do any other Regulatory Authorities possess such a system and equipment?

Q11: What are the benefits of using such a system? Who are the beneficiaries of this system and who are the parties against acquiring such a system in the country?

Q12: What is the total cost of the project and what are the stages of its implementation?

Q13: Is there an available list of the countries that use such a system?

Q14: What are the grant conditions, its value , the delivery date, specifications, the importation conditions and tax charges, the locations that will be used along with the selection criteria, the training programs, and the process for coordinating with other administrations?

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