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Regulators quotes

Annual report 2004

"Even though 2004 was the first year in which the NSMMS was used, the spectrum monitoring by EETT was significantly improved,…and contributed significantly to the protection of all spectrum users and to the fast resolution of all interference cases which occured"

Economic Times

"The automated system will ensure that the radio frequencies are used efficiently by all users, telecom operators, Airport Authority of India, defence forces, the department of space, police and para-military forces, the railways, ports authorities, broadcasters and energy companies. This system will also automate all monitoring facilities. In this project, the World Bank is spending about $40 million for the project called 'Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning' of National Radio Spectrum Management and Monitoring System (NRSMMS) while DoT is footing about $10 million. The project involves the setting up of a satellite earth station, 22 terrestrial microwave earth stations, four HF/VHF/UHF fixed monitoring stations and 40 mobile monitoring systems (20 mobile HF/VHF/UF vehicles and 20 SHF mobile vehicles), all of which will be networked together to the automated NRSMMS software system. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has also demanded that the DoT hand over the responsibility of spectrum management to it. The DoT, on the other hand, is of the view that all issues raised by TRAI will be addressed once the NRSMMS is implemented."

UK Ofcom

"Gary Clemo, R&D manager at Ofcom, said: “Ofcom’s objective is to promote the most efficient use of the UK’s valuable spectrum resource, benefiting consumers by providing access to new services, greater choice and competition. However, it is difficult to be sure that we are optimising the use of the spectrum without information on its usage and quality in different parts of the country and across different frequency bands. Information from the CRFS system should help us with our plans to introduce market mechanisms in spectrum management and in releasing the commercial value of spectrum in the future.”

UK Ofcom 

"The CRFS system will provide Ofcom, and other government agencies such as the Ministry of Defence, who are the current gatekeepers of the spectrum in the UK, with the opportunity to exploit this valuable resource and to stimulate new and exciting market opportunities.”


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