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Regulatory efforts
The TRA is currently deploying a set of regulatory efforts towards the promotion of cybersecurity and the deployment of its strategic components such as:
  1. Preparing a draft paper on cybersecurity and child online protection that can be adapted and used in ways consistent with national customs and laws;
  2. Issuing a number of recommendations and regulations for Service Providers (SPs) to ensure information security on telecom infrastructure, and setting the requirements on SPs to maintain network and services security standards (e.g., ISO 27K) and public safety. This a part of comprehensive regulations governing collection, use, and dissemination of information and data;
  3. Updating the consumer affairs regulation to include cybersecurity requirements;
  4. Enforcing a newly-enacted requirement that agencies must include strategic information security objectives in their information technology procurement decision-making;
  5. Drafting sector-specific regulations, that includes rules for the different industries, information types, & technologies;
  6. Being partners in most current joint public–private organizations and programs working on these issues, such as “The Pan Arab Observatory”, the technical and legal Committees of Higher Council of Childhood teams working on the subjects;
  7. Actively contributing to the work of the Parliamentary Committee drafting the ICT law for E-transactions;
  8. Encouraging all stakeholders to actively participate in the efforts of the observatory to promote the adoption and implementation of policies and strategies that protect cyberspace and children in cyberspace and promote safer access to the extraordinary opportunities that online resources provide.
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