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Network Outage Report

According to the QoS Regulation, all Service Providers shall provide the Authority with network outage reports whenever any outage occurs as described in the clauses below.

Critical Outages are defined as those affecting the entire network, the core of the network or greater or equal to (=>) 30% of the traffic. The condition includes a critical work stoppage during the customer’s normal working hours that affects multiple sites or Core Network Elements affecting functions of a customer’s business. See the QoS Regulation for more info.

Major Outages are defined as those affecting a part of the network (or the components of the aggregate part of the network), and influencing less than (<) 30% of the traffic.

Minor Outages are defined as those affecting individual sites, and/or components at the edge level of the network that do not interrupt service or performance. Examples of Minor Outages are those affecting BTS, trunk cable, or E1 transmission link.

Outage reparation and reporting:

Outage Type
Reparation Period
Inform the TRA
Submit the Outage Report to the TRA
Critical Outages
within one (1) hour
immediately after the problem is resolved
Major Outages
within four (4) hours
within two (2) days
Minor Outages
within one (1) day
within seven (7) days
Outages affecting Emergency Services
within thirty (30) minutes
immediately after the problem is resolved

In the event that any of the above mentioned outages cannot be repaired in the required period, a justification report shall be submitted to the Authority immediately; the outage report shall then be submitted, when the outage is repaired.
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