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Our units

The TRA consists of four main units which fall under the supervision of the TRA chairman. Each unit is headed by a Board Member who is also responsible for maintaining coordination between them.

Three sections of administration, finance and audit are directly overseen by the TRA chairman and CEO. The administrative section deals with the implementation of internal organization and human resources. The finance section is responsible for TRA budgeting issues and guarantees that the budget has been implemented and used appropriately. The audit section is tasked with the auditing of the budget and TRA accounts to be carried out in line with TRA board member decisions

The four units are:

The departments which are directly affiliated to the TRA chairman and CEO are:
  • The department of administrative affairs whose aims are the implementation of the TRA's internal organization, management of human resources and its general administration.
  • The department of financial affairs which is responsible for project financing, overseeing its optimal implementation and taking care of accounting issues.
  • The department of internal auditing, whose aim is the auditing of the budget and TRA accounts in line with the decisions of the TRA administration.

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