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National Numbering Draft Plan
The National Numbering Draft Plan was issued for public consultation in March 19th, 2008 with a deadline to consult by May 2nd, 2008. After having thoroughly taken in consideration stakeholders’ feedback, TRA Board Members approved the National Numbering Draft Plan on 20/5/2010. This Draft Regulation will become binding further to the State of Council’s review and once published in the Official Gazette.

Based on the telecommunications Law 431/2002 (Article 5.1.f and Article 31.1), the TRA is responsible for establishing and managing the National Numbering Plan (NNP) for subscribers and service providers of telecommunication services.

After a period of consultation, the TRA issued a new National Numbering Plan (NNP). The NNP determines the numbering rules for fixed, mobile and special services as well as new services.

The proposed plan is a closed Numbering plan that has no area code. Thus a uniform dialing procedure is applied to all calls. It makes all numbers (except international numbers and short codes) have the same length, reducing potential customer confusion and simplifying the introduction of Number Portability.

The actual implementation of the NNP will be announced at a later stage in coordination with the operators.

To view the final version of the National Numbering Draft Plan, click here
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