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Types of licenses
The TRA classifies Licenses for provision of Telecommunications Services as Restricted Licenses, Individual Licenses, Class Licenses.
Each of these licenses will be processed according to a different procedure outlined in the Licensing Regulation according to the criteria required for the licensing, provision of service and operation of facilities. 


Restricted Licenses

Individual Licenses

Class Licenses





Legal entity registered in Lebanon and satisfying specific qualifications designed for the Licenses Legal entity registered in Lebanon and satisfying non-competitive, minimum eligibility criteria

Lebanese resident or legal entity registered in Lebanon


Pursuant to RFA prepared and published by the Authority

Applications at any time

Competitive process



Authority approval

Yes (and in the case of services to which Article 19(1) applies, proposal of the Minister and decree of the Council of Ministers)


License is deemed issued if application is not rejected within 30 days

Right to build facilities

Typically included

Not included

Roll-out and coverage obligations

May be included

Not included

List of Licenses

1.      National Broadband Licenses

2.      Broadband Access Licenses with spectrum

3.      Mobile Licenses

4.      Any other license including an Article 19(1) service, i.e., basic telephony, international telephone or mobile (including UMTS)

5.      Any other service license bundled with scarce spectrum (e.g., any license including frequencies for terrestrial broadcasting)

1.      Broadband Access Licenses without spectrum

2.      MVNOs and FVNOs

3.      Public Access Mobile Radio

4.      Pagers

5.      Satellite telephony provider

6.      Fixed Satellite Earth Station (send/receive)

7.      VSAT

1.      ISP

2.      Value Added Services

3.      Resale of any services

4.      Wireless zone Internet access

5.      Satellite telephony user

6.      Wireless fixed closed user group license

7.      Private mobile radio

8.      Citizens band radio

9.      Amateur frequency license

10.  Maritime, distress, public safety, radio navigation frequency license

11.  Low power wireless networks

12.  Satellite News Gathering (SNG)

13. Fixed Earth Station (receive only)

This is an extract of the Licensing Regulation. The full version of the Licensing Regulation constitutes the only legally binding document, and as such any extract is provided for indication purposes only and is not legally binding.

To view the Licensing Regulation currently under consultation click here

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