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Liberalization Roadmap

The TRA is legally mandated to liberalize the telecommunications sector in Lebanon. As part of the Authority’s plan to liberalize the market and enable competition, the TRA has set several objectives in the reform process:

  • Broadband development and dissemination
  • The mobile sector liberalization and the launch of the mobile auction destined to privatize the two state-owned mobile network assets and the issuance of two twenty years mobile licenses for the provision of mobile services.
  • The licensing, and privatization of the national fixed line operator once corporatized, currently the Ministry of Telecommunications/ Ogero, to be known in the future as Liban Telecom

The TRA has issued a liberalization roadmap summarizing its position and plans to reforming the sector, opening the market to licensing and achieving the full liberalization of the telecommunications in the Republic of Lebanon.
The Liberalization Roadmap covers the following :

  • The TRA’s proposals for liberalization of the telecommunications sector in the Republic;
  • The core aspects of economic regulation that the TRA intends to introduce to underpin the transition to a competitive market-place
  • The TRA’s commitment to universal service/access and consumer protection and how it proposes to deal with issues affecting consumers of telecommunications services;
  • How the TRA will seek to ensure that it is able to meet the challenges that the implementation of the Liberalization Roadmap will bring; and
  • How members of the public and the industry may comment on this Roadmap.

The Liberalization Roadmap was launched for consultation. Interested parties submitted their feedback before 16th June 2008* after having reviewed the integral version of the document:

TRA liberalization Roadmap

*The Liberalization Roadmap consultation closing date was extended from 15th May 2008 to 16th June 2008 further to stakeholders request.

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