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Type Approval application
All RTTE and NIE shall be type approved prior to the importation/manufacturing phase. Type approved certificates are only granted to local licensed importers. Furthermore, all approved equipments that are dedicated for local market shall carry the “TRA Approved label”. TRA approved labels are obtained exclusively from the TRA upon the completion of type approval certification of a given RTTE.

How to submit for Type Approval certificate:
  1. Before submitting your application, you are requested to fully read the Type Approval regulation issued by the TRA. Click here to download the English translation.

  2. You have to be a local licensed Importer / manufacturer. Importation application submission is detailed here.

  3. Once you have an Importation ID, you can use it to download and fill the Type Approval Forms: English Main form (PDF) or Arabic main form (PDF),
    DoC for RTTE - English (PDF) or DoC for RTTE - Arabic (PDF);
    DoC for NIE - English (PDF) or DoC for NIE - Arabic (PDF);
    DoU for NIE - English (PDF) or DoU for NIE - Arabic (PDF).

  4. Processing the applications:
    • After completing all the administrative steps, including the payment of the processing fees the TRA shall grant the applicant the appropriate type approval certifications. Importers shall accordingly request for “TRA approved labels” for their equipments, and they have to precise the number required for each piece of equipment to be imported and offered in the local market. Click here (English or Arabic) for a template of the “TRA Approved” label request form.
    • For type approved equipments, the importer/manufacturer can now use his Importation License along with the Type Approval certificates for completing the Customs clearance. No need for any additional signatures from the part of the TRA for each individual importation session.
    • “TRA Approved” labels shall be applied to the equipments prior to offering them for sale / use in the local market. “TRA Approved” labels are not required prior to the Custom declaration and clearance.
For all your queries, clarifications and comments, do not hesitate to contact the TRA offices during working hours: Tel: 961-1-963400 - Fax: 961-1-964343- E-mail:
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