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Importation / Manufacturer applications
In order to be able to import / manufacture and offers Telecom Equipments in the local markets, Importers / Manufacturers shall have valid importation licenses that are issued by the TRA, according to the Type Approval regulation as issued in the Official Gazette.

Licensing procedure:
  1. Before submitting your application, you are requested to fully read the Type Approval regulation issued by the TRA. Click here to download the English translation.

  2. Required documents for Importation/manufacture license:
    • Copy of the Lebanese commercial register of the company.
    • Official letter from the company (Duly signed by the authorized person) in which are clearly states the following information: Types of the equipments intended to be imported / Manufactured and their classification, most recent address and contacts of the company and all related local branches. In this letter, the applicant shall clearly Undertakes to respect the regulations in place in Lebanon related to the importation / sale of the Telecommunications equipment, and that the applicant shall grant all facilities to TRA’s inspectors in carrying out their market surveillance duties.

  3. Download and Fill appropriate application forms: English (PDF) or Arabic (PDF)

  4. Submitting the application forms:
    • Application forms can be submitted directly to the TRA’s offices
  5. Processing the applications:
    • After completing all the administrative steps, including the payment of the processing fees the TRA shall grant the applicant the appropriate Importing/Manufacturing license within a period of 72 hours (available only for local Manufacturers or local importing companies or local agency acting on behalf of any overseas principal).
    • The Importer / manufacturer who is granted a licence, has now an importation/manufacturer ID.
    • The importer/manufacturer can now use this ID to apply for Type approval certifications. This ID allows him also to enter the On-line database to update his information, to apply for Type Approval certifications to the RTTEs he intend to sale in the local market. The Type approval procedure varies in complexity according to the equipment classification (See Type approval regulation – Annex A).
For all your queries, clarifications and comments, do not hesitate to contact the TRA offices during working hours: Tel: 961-1-963400 - Fax: 961-1-964343- E-mail:
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