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Supervision of Implementation of On-line Transition of TRA
This part involves supervising the implementation of the on-line transition (i.e. transferring TRA’s working to an electronic environment) and training of TRA staff by a hired consultant, in order to enhance institutional knowledge management. This Information System includes adapting off-the-shelf software to the needs of TRA or developing software code customized for the TRA (in case off-the-shelf software is not available).

In line with the practices of many government agencies around the world, TRA will also move towards managing its work through an internal on-line environment. This will improve control over documentation, reduce the risk of document loss or manipulation, and cut the need for physical storage space. It can also improve the management of work flow, thus ensuring quick response to external queries or internal business. The consultant will have to design this system keeping in mind the needs of TRA staffers and the physical and logical security of the data stored in the on-line environment. Adequate training and mainstreaming efforts for staff will also be needed.

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