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Streamlining internal processes and strengthening transparency of the TRA
Streamlining TRA Internal Processes: This part has three sets of inter-related activities: (1) improving the internal working of TRA especially in docketing and budgeting, (2) moving the TRA to an on-line environment, and (3) strengthening knowledge management within TRA. The scope of these activities cover the following:

- Due diligence on requirements

- Report on best practices among international telecom regulatory authorities

- Recommendations on internal institutional structures

- Rationalize existing docketing procedures

- Rationalize existing budgeting processes

- Design new “on-line” procedures for TRA

- Draft the RFP for the implementation of “on-line” transition of TRA

- Strengthen knowledge management within TRA

These activities will allow TRA to simplify and clarify its internal working and processes, reducing the costs of regulation. It will also assist TRA to migrate to an online environment that makes managing documents and work flow easier. Better knowledge management processes combined with the online migration will improve the ability of TRA to draw on its internal resources to address both technical and regulatory issues.

Strengthening Transparency of TRA:
In order for TRA to remain fully transparent and remain engaged with all stakeholders in a predictable and efficient manner, this part will focus on three sets of activities: (a) improved external communications to inform stakeholders, (b) deeper consultation processes to engage with all stakeholders, and (c) stronger monitoring and evaluation (M&E) mechanisms to be transparent and allow all stakeholders access to full information on the actions and outcomes of TRA's work. The scope of these activities cover the following:

- Scoping of requirements

- Report on best practices among other national regulatory agencies

- Strengthening external communications processes

- Deepening the use of consultations

- Strengthen monitoring and evaluation of activities

These activities will lead TRA to improve its public and international profile, engage better with stakeholders, and deepen its understanding of the market it regulates. By maintaining a predictable and standardized manner of communicating with stakeholders, TRA will build credibility while enabling improved transparency in its functions.

Procurement for Part 1 will start indicatively in December 2010.

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