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News > TRA Spectrum Manager presents 6G challenges at MENA Spectrum Management Conference
TRA Spectrum Manager presents 6G challenges at MENA Spectrum Management Conference
July 18, 2022

The MENA Spectrum Management Conference held in Tunisia on 30 June - 1st of July following the 29th Arab Spectrum Management Group (ASMG) meeting, this conference brought together experts from ITU, international standardization bodies, industry, regional operators and regulators.

Participants discussed the future vision and plans on spectrum allocation as well as the spectrum needs of all sectors. They also exchanged points of views about the future development of spectrum management and the regulatory framework methods and requirements. Moreover, attendees discussed the agenda items of ITU WRC-23.

Spectrum specialists were brought together mainly to discuss the progress that has been made on the preparatory work and preliminary studies in WRC-23 key areas such as the allocation of new frequency bands for IMT, the future of the 6GHz band, the evaluation of the current needs on the UHF band -especially the 470-694 MHz band- and more.

Mr. Mohamad Ayoub, TRA Spectrum Manager, was invited at the conference to present his analysis and views on spectrum management issues related to the beyond 5G (B5G) and 6G/IMT2030 network. Mr. Ayoub presented his findings and participated in the panel discussion related to the next mobile generation (6G). Mr. Ayoub also exposed his vision on the needed regulatory framework development in Lebanon in order to address future spectrum needs for all sectors.

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